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Confusion - June 12, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Confusion

Hey guys,

If you use Google Reader then sorry about the feed spam. The problem occurred since I switched servers to another one, and all my domains were mapped to the same IP/website for a few minutes which messed up the feeds on Spiked Math. I did fix the feed, however, in Google Reader those items will be permanently there (in cache) since Google doesn't remove anything after it's published :-(. I don't know about other feed readers, but the actual feed is fixed and has those items removed.

My sincerest apologies,

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I'll admit I was a bit confused about all the posts about pets that appeared all of a sudden. No sweat, though. Apology accepted. :)

Spoiler alert... 5th prime number?

And the half of 22.

umm... seven?

I believe one isn't considered a prime, at least not according to wikipedia:

a prime number (or a prime) is a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself.

So seven wouldn't be the 5th prime... :)

peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...


in the beginning, i was very confused. why do you get information about every gender except for maluokeakua's? when i realized that you just wanted to confuse us with this, it was really easy to solve :)

! base64-spoiler !

Supstitution (or find & replace) solves confusion.

Heh...find&replace is great, if the problem is presented in an electronic text format. If it's on paper, my first choice would be several colors of highlighters

Am I a bad reader that I'm not finishing this? I'll be like my students and take your word for it.

I want to change my name to MAKANNAKUA :D

Sadly, I don't need to confuse my students. That do that well enough themselves.

I tutor, and I cried a little inside reading your comment. It's too true.

I must be seeing things. That "clearly" states that Makanaokeakua has a child named after him/herself. Ugh.

Sarah and Jane are bestest of friends. suppose that Sarah has three kids and Jane has two kids. The children that Jane has are named Sarah and Jane. Suppose Jane's son Sarah is two years younger than his sister, and Sarah's daughter Jane is twice the age of her brother Sarah but three years younger than Sarah. If the two children named Sarah are the same age and Sarah's daughter Jane is two years older than Jane's daughter Jane, then how old is Jane?

Thank god for α-renaming.

Incorrect. You missed an entire sentence, and you assume there are two names in stead of three. (Maluokeakua)

I have a friend who studies medieval history. There's a family tree she has to know that is basically the same thing.

I don't think a webcomic has ever made me want to cry before...

What's in a Name they say!!

the question should be asked "Who is the oldest child?" and penalize spelling errors..

It doesn't make you a bad teacher iff you show your students how to use good ol' mathematical symbols to remove the obfuscation:
While reading through the problem, begin assigning variables to the child names and relating all those variables to one another based on the text.

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