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Quiz Today - June 8, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Quiz Today

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"My dog (at) the quizzes?"
Don't mean to be a grammar/spelling Nazi, but you're missing an 'e.'

Right you are, thanks Anon and Htam! Should be fixed now.

OH! ate....I didn't even think of it - it just didn't make sense to me =P

The dog *ate* the quiz?

haha...yes I have used that excuse before...we aren't doing this next lesson because ppl aren't grasping our last lesson...not cuz I haven't prepared it lol.

Don't mean to be a geek, but I hate when professors postpone exams.

I feel exactly the same way. Don't worry, it's not geeky!

It's more of a, "What the factorial! I studied my asymptote off for this quiz... 5 minutes ago.... I'll forget it all in 10... And I'll have to re-study everything for the next time! FML!"


my calc prof does this kind of thing all the time. its kind of hilarious, but easy on us

So now I know the real reason why tests are postponed... :D

weeks -> week's. I do mean to be a grammar nazi.

LOL, what the factorial.

I bet this only happens 3.14% of the time...

Nah, probably more like 1.618%.

golden ration! 112358132134

may be 2.414%?

golden ration's boring. it's e for people who can only handle addition and multiplication and can't handle advanced operations like exponents.

But it has a nice continued fraction expansion...


Better put some parenthesis in there.

It wasn't too boring for Trigonometry Jones!

I've totally pulled this stunt for one of my classes. I've also had review sessions when I forgot to, or didn't feel like, preparing a lecture.

"I studied my asymptote off for this quiz!"

I used to make that joke all the time in seventh grade.

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