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Prime Scrabble - June 7, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Prime Scrabble

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Yeah, Fibonacci monopoly is my favorite!

A visitor from XKCD?

Possibly ;-) Or it could be from one of the other 314,159 webcomics that use stick figures. Although this particular stick figure seems to be more intelligent than me. Hmmm...

You just multiplied pi by 100000 to get the number of webcomics!!

That's not a legal Scrabble move. Legal moves have to use at least one tile previously laid.

That's a legal Scrabble move, actually. It's called 'hooking' - he's still technically linking to tiles already used on the board.

The move is legal! Just check the rules. I did it...

no because they created a separate prime (113) from the times on the board. its equivalent to using an s to make a word plural.

sorry i replied the wrong person, I'm agreeing with paul.

No, it's more like adding a "t" to "ravel" to make "travel", which, I believe, is legal.

From the official Scrabble FAQ:
"What are acceptable plays in SCRABBLE?

* In SCRABBLE, it is acceptable to simply add one or more letters to a word, to either the front or back or to both the front and back.
* If you want, you can add just an S to a word already on the board."

that's a dunker :) way to go sticky!

Wow, well I know what we're playing in Math club from now on. I never did have a use for that scrabble board, until now.

In Fibonacci Monopoly, people would get rich too fast, because they'd collect $200 a lot more. That's assuming when you roll a 6 then you go 1 space, then 1, then 2, then 3, then 5.

But then you could make it more interesting, and avoid people having too much money, by charging rent for each space that you land on in the sequence.

you cant monopolize the rules like that :D

um, is there something i'm not getting here? i'm pretty sure 4 isnt prime.

But... he couldn't have used the Lucas test. That only works on Mersenne primes, and 9514243 is not a Mersenne prime (log base 2 of 9514243+1 is not a natural number). For a quick check, 9514244 is close to 1 megabyte = 2^20, which is approximately 1x10^7 and getting closer 2^20*2^3 would be approximately 8x10^7, not 9x10^7.

You're thinking of the Lucas–Lehmer test. The Lucas (no -Lehmer) test works for any natural number.

"Equate" is an awesome math game that is basically scrabble... just with legit equations instead of words.

I wrote a computer game called Equate in which the goal was to create equations, but that was about 10 years ago and probably wouldn't run on today's Macs, and it's not basically Scrabble. I guess I'll assume you're referring to some other game, except for when I need an ego boost.

Wow, I just realised that all the numbers laid on the board are prime in both directions (13,31) (113,311) (9514243,3424159)!

Talk about being geeky. That guy is never getting laid.

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