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Dear Professor - June 3, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Dear Professor

Also, kudos to 123zc1 for the Love Letter parody comic.

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hahaha. enter the phase where you never email him again :)

Loved the punchline on this one Mike, nice work!

A similar one also appeared in PHD Comics.

at least your professor sounds like a cool guy even if he's not that helpful

I will say it once: I'll make sure I'll never become a teacher like that :p that's just uncool!

This is sooooo gooood. He's not only bad with the question, he also needs to learn the art of getting a favorable answer through mail.

ah, how well I know the feeling. seriously though, that's exactly how I'd reply in place of the professor.

Same here. If the student knows what does the term linear combination mean, and it's suggested that he does, the only thing that might pose a problem is whether the student knows how to multiply two matrices, and if he doesn't know how to do that in the first place, why didn't he ask?

We all have to learn how to ask questions!!!!! "Am I on the right track?" is NOT the right question!!! hahaha!!

Do you mean perhaps "What's the next step?" or "What do I use for the next step" is better?

the latter's much better I'd say if you are in trouble, then it has more chances to get you out of it. xD

It makes me incredibly happy that I understand the question...

The reply `no' seems more fitting in this situation. I at least wouldn't use it.

wow I got hundreds of these e-mails from professors...you wait and wait for a reply and then it comes and it still doesn't tell you anything lol...

whoa this is weird. my discrete math professor always signed his emails "cheers, dave" in all lowercase just like in this comic.

Teachers don't know everything.

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