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Galois - May 31, 2010
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√Čvariste Galois was a French mathematician born on October 25th, 1811. He died on May 31st, 1832. This is his story.

Spiked Math Comic - Galois

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Phew! that was quite long. But in the end, all is well!

long live the the mathinator!

well actually I guess I mean long live the guy who got saved by the mathinator

i never thought about that! We need time machine!

yay group theory!

Yes--give thanks that he stayed up most of the night before his duel writing down the essentials of group theory...

This may be your best comic yet. :)

The flag of France is blue-white-red, not red-white-blue.

That's true, but the sign said there was a turmoil and I think Mike was trying to make France of disorderness (?)

Or plain standing on the other side of the flag :)

He didn't look happy at the end...

Glaois is one of my favorites :D :D... but it's sorta dumb he had to die over some chick :(. He could've stayed home, do more math and become more famous than Gauss(?)...

Gauss did it right. He never let the outworld interfere with his math.
And he liked hookers...good guy


And the moral of the story: Never get distracted by some sort of cause or by romance or any other pointless humanism that would indicate having a life, but instead, stay home doing math and science for the rest of your (hopefully long) life. Nothing else matters, anyway. Who did he think he was, trying to be all normal?

Bored "with" school, not bored "of" school.

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