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Diploma - May 28, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Diploma

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oooh, i want, there should be a place on the site where i can put in muy name, and get a full size one of thoes out

I'd buy one

I want one!

is that what your degree will say mike? ;) I get mine in 2 weeks...maybe it will say certified teacher..does not guarantee recipient can read, do basic math, science, or social studies.

I always say that if I could add and subtract, I'd be an accountant and not a mathematician. :)

If I had a dollar for every time somebody assumed I was an accountant when I said I studied maths… I don't have a clue how much money I'd have by now, since I'm not an accountant.

Bell curve? No problem. Quadratic equation? I can recite it in my sleep. 2+7? ....hang on, let me get my calculator.

2+7=1. That's easy.
Wait, we were talking about Z_8, right?

no I think it's Z_9 ...

no, definately Z_8, 8n where n element of Z is 0. So 8 equivalent to 0, and 2+7=9= 1 (mod8)

..., or -6 in the least absolute reopresentation of Z_15.

No, it was Z_9--he just can't count. Everyone knows 2+7=11, which is 2 in Z_9.

No. 2+7!=11, 2+7=9. You meant 4+7=11.

I thought Z_9 was some sort of p-adic field (not sure what that means), and what you mean is Z/9Z or Z/(9) (or just Z/9. if you're lazy).

true story: i once got 3*2 as 9
also 8^2+5^2=79

Why are those signatures so shabby?

But can he use higher math to prove he was a prophet?

In my discreet math class, there was a counting problem on a test, and I did everything right except for the last step, where I wrote "140 + 100 = 150" The professor just circled it and gave me full credit anyways.

LOL, I wish I had professors like him.

Correction--*every* *degree* regardless of whether it's math related should come with a warning that the holder of said degree may not actually be able to perform the most basic aspects of their degree field. How about *them* apples?

Furry cows moo and decompress.

I didn't know the founder of the Mormon church did math.

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