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A day in the life of an eigenvector - May 20, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - A day in the life of an eigenvector

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nice. but wouldnt she be the same as the other guy now?

she's red, its almost like a different variable

now that i think of it... i should do that on tests, use a different color for each variable and name them all x hehe, gotta try that

Even better: use only different colors of Ξ, as in no. 12: http://spikedmath.com/012.html.

well that would be more confusing :\
altough, i feel more like trying it with drawings :D

"A" could have her revenge by switching to lambda calculus mode and going to the right of "x".

Would that threaten to make her an operator?


I feel as if I should understand this comic strip since I'm taking Differential Equations right now. But I don't.

this is more linear algebra if i'm not mistaken.

Does Vector Math click to someone??

In this comic, A is a matrix, lambda is a scalar (specifically an eigenvalue of A), and x is a vector (specifically, an eigenvector of A). The interesting thing about an eigenvector is that when you matrix multiply by its associated matrix, it acts just as if it were a scalar (it only stretches or shrinks a vector instead of rotating or shearing or otherwise modifying it). So the equation "Ax" where A is a matrix and x is one of A's eigenvectors is equivalent to "lambda x" where lambda is the eigenvalue.

The URL <http://spikedmath.com/012.html.> above doesn't work - it has the period ending the sentence appended. Try <http://spikedmath.com/012.html> instead, to see the letter Xi.

I blame Mike for getting me to think about this oomic.

I liked it there (x,why) as well

I liked it there (x,why) as well

What's with the six day holdup ?

Sorry guys, will post some more soon. Was out of town this weekend, and unfortunately Spiked Math isn't my full-time (or even part-time) job :-(

That's OK. As soon as it pays, then we can complain.

Do these ads pay by simply being displayed or do I have to actually follow them?

I think usually you have to follow them.

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