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This is not a limerick - May 17, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - This is not a limerick

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okay..you've lost me there

see this:


i haven't heard that joke in a LONG time :D

wait a minute "sprinkles" doesn't rhyme with "tea" or "g" am I missing some deeper joke, or is the rhyme scheme just broken?

That's why it's not a limerick.

oh, I didn't see that, nevermind

It's a joke about topology. Topologists are said to be unable to distinguish coffee cups (or in this case teacups) from doughnuts. The fact that the last line doesn't fit the rhyme pattern is fitting because of the nature of its content: not what was expected...

A really dedicated topologist would note that either his coffee mug or his doughnut is equivalent (grossly speaking) to his colleague. Or to an apple with a wormhole through it. (But only if they are made of rubber...) They can tie themselves in knots if they keep that sort of thing up.

too many holes in a colleague

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