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He Loves Me - May 6, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - He Loves Me

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nothing kills fantasy quite like truth

Serves you right for fantasizing about a mathematician. Or at least one that can't turn it off. Even in someone else's fantasy!

Hey. as long as you're going to go for a fantasy, might as well make it a fantasy with a good chance of the right outcome.

What do the black dots in the background of panel 2 and 3 symbolise?

Too bad there are just as many odd Fibonacci / Lucas numbers as there are even ones. And as there are wholes.
OK, granted, most flowers have not-too-many petals, so then the statement holds.

Well, actually *pushes glasses up nose* in any finite listing of fibonacci numbers, you'll have about twice as many odds as evens.

And I've never seen a flower with an infinite number of petals.

in the finite set 1,1,2,3,5 are even four times more odd than even fibonacci numbers ;-).

comic number 235. the first 3 prime numbers!!

probably no one cares, just wait for comic # 2357!

We have to wait about 7 years then...

Shouldn't he have done this comic two back, since 233 is the 13th (or so) Fibonacci number?

That's true, but I think Mike had no idea what he'll do in the future.

Epic comic. Loved it.

Hahaha, nice one lol

Hey guys,

Next comic will likely be Tuesday :D

Likely means as the percentage of finding flower that 'he loves me'?

Yup. He doesn't love her.

Tuesday is sooo far away! Sigh.
Must wait!!

Have pity on those of us on the early side of the International Date Line. We have to wait until Wednesday!

It's Tuesday evening! I'm getting withdrawal pains.

you think you have it bad? as the first commenter I've gone the longest without a new one

viva la comica del revolution!


But he didn't specify *which* Tuesday, did he?

Yup, very true!
Hopefully I'll be back on my regular schedule now.

It was an unexpected Tuesday--because it was the second Tuesday this week. THuesday!

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