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The Banach-Tarski Miracle - May 4, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The Banach-Tarski Miracle

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Q.E.D. god's a mathematician

I did not know the Flying Spaghetti Monster was a mathematician.

Most of us don't believe in pastafarianism

But then Newton already suspected that.

But... But what of the law of conservation of mass? You've lied to me Mrs. Baldwin, me and all those little critters they call underclassmen.

Also... What is the derivative of 2x (with respect to x)?

Multiplication of loaves, eh? I haven't seen it done before with fishes (a la the miracle), but I have seen it done with eggs.

perhaps this is how jesus did it

Yup. It was the first instance of Chollow bread.

Which civilisation did he blow up this time? :D

Sounds fishy...

Why the Morse Code title today, I wonder?

That's been there for a while now.

Yes, but does the 'identical' label also refer to volume and density? Crumbs are irregular shaped objects, so the loaves will be a portion air as well as crumbs. Granted, bread contains air to begin with, but there will be a larger amount of it clustered in all the irregular dips and crannies of a crumb.

Proof that God can make unmeasurable sets. Which begs the question: Can God make a set so unmeasurable that He himself cannot measure it?

And can he make the power set of that set?

Was its original idea from triangle?

Do the loaves have to be continuous?

I hope so :D

Would you want to eat a non-continuous loaf?

But isn't there going to be some loss in duplication? Certainly my clone cannot be as witty or as good looking as the original.

The resulting loaves of bread, being physical objects, will have lower density and less mass than the original loaf. Not sure how it plays out in the math-world.

Furry cows moo and decompress.

I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

That doesn't add up!

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