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Erdos - Mathematician by day, mathematician by night - May 3, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Erdos - Mathematician by day, mathematician by night

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My favorite omitted fact would be his unbelievable amphetamine addiction. He quit cold turkey for a month on a bet, then started up again and said "you just set mathematics back a month".

was going to add this.

You omitted the double-acute in your <title> element, as well as just above the comic. That must not stand.

My dog's name is Epsilon, because that was his nickname for all small beings.

duh na na na na Erdos!

Alchohol is a poison! Only if you do it right.

If Erdős had broken my toilet, I would never fix it. :)

If the person whose toilet Erdős broke breaks my toilet, do I get an Erdős number?

no, but your toilet does.

hahahah i laughed so hard.

Wait a minute should the bottom middle panel say : "an imaginary book written by THE SUPREME FASCIST that contains the most elagant proofs for theorems"?

Both statements are equivalent to each other ^_^

What was his trouble with women? They are pictured quite bad in his dictionary.

The business in the bottom right "cloud" disgusts me. Especially a mathematician should realise the big and important difference between science an religion.

Btw.: Love the Tom Smith reference :)

You can not believe in god, but you must believe in the book

Actually I think it is something more like. You don't need to believe in god but you must believe in the book :P...

According to a story told by Joel Spencer, the idea that The Book is kept by God was actually a mistake by Joel, as he was addressing some students (not sure if I remember the audience correctly). Paul Erdös immediately corrected him, saying what you wrote: "You don't have to believe in God, but you should believe in The Book." (paraphrased, I suppose)

on his epitaph he wanted: Finally I'm becoming stupider no more.

Actually it was: "I've finally stopped getting dumber."

This guy really reminds me of my math professor first quarter. That guy had a nasty, uncombed beard and wore only three different shirts the entire quarter. He looked like a hobo, dressed like a hobo and most disturbingly smelled like a hobo. He was supposedly brilliant, but I'll never know since he always mumbled and stuttered and flat out sucked at teaching. But I do know he loved proofs and probably bought into the Erdos philosophy

Sounds like OCD-Aspergers' to me. At least he was able to convert it into a workable lifestyle. That's a heck of a trick. :-)

Furry cows moo and decompress.

if they call children epsilons, is that an insult?

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