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A ____ walks into a bar - April 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - A blank walks into a bar

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P = NP ?

P union N? hmm

Shouldn't that be P ⋂ N?

Show: P ⋂ N = Ø

P ⋂ N = {X : X∈N AND X∈P}
P ∪ N = {X : X∈N OR X∈P}
X is a narrative => X is not a profession.
Thus: P ⋂ N = Ø


Exactly, we don't want any "walks into a bar" joke.

Well done sir, well done.

Well done indeed. That's simultaneously the worst and greatest pun I've ever seen.

you forgot to divide by the subspace of puns whose humor is zero (to show you can divide by it, it's the kernel of the map f(j)=h, where h is the humor level of the joke).

Ok... what were the chance that you post a "A guy walk into the bar" at sametime than http://buttersafe.com/2010/04/29/a-guy-walks-into-a-bar ?!?


Given there are like 10,000 webcomics and about 100 different types of jokes, I'd say the probability is pretty high that two do a similar joke on the same day.

but you have 229 comics O.O

The commented combinations (intersection and union) don't apply. N is a narrative, not a set of naratives. If N were a set, the proper combination would be cross-product.

Gary, it's your fault I have nothing interesting and new to say now.
Also, I'm happy that there is someone out there, in this cruel math world, who doesn't let puns subvert definitions.
One more thing, note that nothing in my sentence criticizes people that let, it's just a compliment to Gary.

If there are only 100 types of jokes and a webcomic delivers a joke a day, you only need like 13 webcomics to have some two of them share a punchline at any given day more often than not. Go birthday problem, go!

It's your mistake I have nothing exciting and new to say now.
Also, I'm satisfied that there is someone out there, in this terrible mathematical community, who doesn't let puns subvert descriptions.
One more factor, observe that nothing in my phrase criticizes individuals that let, it's just a enhance to H.

The research of mathematics as a topic in its own right starts in the 6th millennium BC with the Pythagoreans, who invented the phrase "mathematics" from the historical Ancient greek μάθημα (mathema), significance "subject of instruction"

Definitely a delight to browse your content and find out about your thoughts and opinions on dental subjects, seems you really do have a natural talent for writing impressive stuff!

p U n. haha

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