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LaTeX - April 28, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - LaTeX

I told my officemate that he does not need to put separate $ signs around every single math symbol. His thesis permanently has 3 errors that even I don't know how he created.

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i just have problems getting it all to compile from .ps to .pdf!

pdflatex is quite nice :-).
Why is the comic guy using an inferior OS?

rubber is a nice tool to do latex compiling

Pah! LaTeX is for little girls! Real men use plain TeX! :P

real men use a typewriter

Real men carve formulas out of granite using their finger nails. That's why typos hurt so much.

Think Munroe already concluded what real programmers (and thus real men and women) uses in this strip http://xkcd.com/378/ ;P

Real man use gnuplot: They just define a parametric function that describe the formula they wish to typeset. .

Wonder what Imaginary man would do :-?

Write everything orthogonally to the page?

real men do it in their heads.

Real men DO it!

Sorry its friday mood here :)

Real Profs do it there too. "Now, from this, it is obvious that..."

The age old method for locating hard to find errors is: binary search. Delete half (in the form of a syntactically complete blob) then try to recompile. Recurse until the source of the error is "obvious".

Best to do this on a copy instead of the original.

Aaaannnddd what's wrong with Word?

Latex is a tool, that is necessarily cruel by design, as it runs on the prolonged suffering of its users.

seeing this latex code makes me cringe...

$a$ $x^2$ is fine. Two $$ behind each other have the same effect as \[ \] if I remember right ...


To hunt for mysterious errors, I always divide the document into successively smaller pieces and compile each part separately. Eventually, you will rule out all the portions with no errors and zero in on the problem (though I often end up with a permanent error I don't know how to fix anyway)

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