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Terence Tao - April 20, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Terence Tao

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don't be so hard on yourself there's genuine merit in math comics

Ha Ha, you said hard on.

I'm pretty sure if I ever meet courtney gibbons in person, that'd be exactly my response.

ouch..thats harsh..
pls some more of these..

Gotta Love these Love comics :)

Terrence Tao totally absolves Australians of having invented Vegemite.

What a shame both of them are already married :P

They are? LOL!

No comic for today (Wed April 21) since I couldn't get my computer to start, but it seems to be working now, so I'll have a comic for tomorrow ^_^

Wish I was there to help you out :(

wow, brown sharpie sucks!!
btw can we have spiked math merchandise??

dude, if we were Frenchmen in Galois' time, I'd challenge you to a duel for that.

I pass his office every day, and I share the same dream. It could happen... one day!

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