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Dirty Physics - April 15, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Dirty Physics

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Best one ever!

my eyes! my no longer innocent eyes!

and then, the dimensions collided, and he thought he saw god...

apparently feynman was a staunch critic of string theory till the very end of his life.

...I don't get it :(

Oh, it's physics...

"My God! It's filled with stars!"


I dont get it. can anyone explain?

\/!++^|_ |, when you go into the 6th and 9th dimensions, you have to be sure to turn the right ways, or the joke doesn't make any sense at all!

It can't be coincidence that the naughty content of a dirty joke gets stowed away in the *6th and 9th* dimensions (or that you have to "turn the right ways" when "going into" the 6 & 9). <blush>

Best. Screen name. Ever.

I really don't get it...

Can anyone explain to me?
maybe it is because the Physics I have learned is not enough(well, I am just a high school graduated student...)

hey, i'm still a high school student and not 18 yet :( could anyone pretend to be my dad and get me into the 6th & 9th dimension?
[not kidding] anyway, great comics, math & physics FTW!

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