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Practical Jokes - April 14, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Practical Jokes

Intel did it better.

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Nah, you definitely did it better.

Correct me if I'm wrong (my high school trigonometry is a bit rusty), but doesn't that not actually change the answer since the cosine function is y-axis symmetrical?

Thats the joke. 47 (Jock) is an idiot in Math and doesn't even know Grade 8 math, as you can see.

@Lily Yeah that's correct. My trig teacher always told us: Cosine crushes, Sine slides. Crushes and slides the negative sign, that is.

@ Lily , lol thats the joke Lily haha. this kid has no idea that it doesn't make a difference because he doesn't know math haha. I thought this was hilarious !!!

this is better than the intel add imo, coz they just used some garbabe mathematics(the kind you see in big budget movie, oh its a gaussian we are all doomed and the like)

The intel commercial is actual physics, just a lot of quantum field theory calculations.

Ah the joke is better pulled of here than intel. Also, cos(-a) = cos(a) so you can laugh to the beach and get a tan ;)

But I hate it when someone goes to even the restroom in the middle of a math problem ;)

I prefer "find the limit of (e^lnx)/x, x->infinity. (hint: use l'hopital).

make sin(a) sin(-a). That'll teach him to not go to the bathroom during a simple math "problem". ^^

"pku | April 15, 2010 6:27 AM | Reply

I prefer "find the limit of (e^lnx)/x, x->infinity. (hint: use l'hopital)."

no need for l'hospital, cuz it's e^ln(x) = x
-> and x/x equals 1

we know..but thanx anyway..
its funny bcoz upon l'hospital it gives the same function..

This one had me laughing. A delightful twist on the old "change a sign" joke. His prank didn't work! :D Idiot...

this reminds me of the time i changed my friend's calculator from degrees to radians when he wasn't looking.

haha,it just make tan(a) no? :p very funny

The intel video has been removed by the user, any idea what it was called or has an alternative link laying around

Because the kid doesn't know that cosine of negative alpha is the same as cosine alpha

When the student comes back from the bathroom:
*Sees paper*
"Thanks. Thus the answer is tangent alpha...hue, luckily teacher only gave 2 questions"
*The 47 guy RAGES*

when it actually matters and your handwriting squeezed up in a tight space misleads you...

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