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Bathroom Wall Graffiti - April 13, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Bathroom Wall Graffiti

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we have "Leibniz converged here".

I don't get the sarah one

sarah = cutie pie

Somebody forgot the annulus and the sextic equation.

i'm just gonna have to do the i

crap! forgot about the html tags... meant:
i'm just gonna have to do the i <3 dckx one

I read the "i heart dckx" as the mirror image of "i heart xkcd" before i put it all together... =P

Never occurred to me before that xkcd was dckx backward. But I guess logically, that makes those guys inverse dckx.

no, it means they equal dckx (assuming commutativity). if the were inverse dckx, it's be d^-1c^-1k^-1x^-1.

I personally love the "Courtney" one, although we all know the heart should have been drawn in brown. =D

In the bathroom of the physics lab, we had "Heisenberg might have been here."

This is amazing.

for any whose not bored enough to do out the integral problem it comes out to 69

The integral is actually on the wall in one of the restrooms in the math building at Georgia Tech.

the biology building at my uni has a very accurate diagram of male genitalia, complete with the names of all the components.

I didnt get the dckx one. Can somelone explain?

Do you read xkcd at xkcd.com?

yes, I can see "dckx" is "xckd" backwards and the stick figure has a stick penis. So what? is "dckx" pronounced as "dicks"? I'm not a native English speaker.

In one of the engineering buildings here there is this written on one of the stalls: "Professional Angle Bisection, We Will Always Leave You Satisfied! Call [number]"

In Pisa we had "Chuck Norris found solution to the equation x^2 + 1 = 0.. in R"

The origin looks good to me :) (0)(0)

BTW read all the comics and the comments in like few hours and was ROFL every now and then. Collegues thankfully are understanding enough not to complain. Gr8 going!!!

In one of the bathrooms in the physics institute here, someone wrote "Pooping is the inverse of anal sex", and someone argued that sex is a periodic thing(made a graphic) while pooping could be considered linear

Gary is an g^-1xg.

We had (roughly):
I have found a marvellous proof of this fact, but it is too small to fit on this door.

In Copenhagen: x^n+y^n=z^n has no integer solutions for n>2. I have found a truly marvellous proof of this fact, but I'm done now.

What abotu r=2-2sin(theta) ?

this is certainly missing at the wall (the last equation)^^


somebody showed around the only the resulting equation at a dinner table full of engineering&physics&maths students, & they kept asking wtf and scratching their heads =D
i had no problems understanding the equation, but i'm a genius at maths or i just have an especially dirty mind =)

okay it wasn't on a toilet wall and i'm not sure about the certainty, but i like the equation a lot^^

put the Euler identity on the wall, and see dicks being added tomorrow

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