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Pi Day Pi - April 10, 2010
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*** I'm away this weekend at a conference, so you can either have lame ass comics I made last year or choose to ignore them -- although I realize 98% of my comics are lame ;-) ***

Next update will be on Mon/Tues.


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Think I'd give them $3 and a dime and a nickel and tell them I wanted exact change within ε seconds

They'll charge you three twenty. Sales tax you know...

this is lame but so lame it is funny again :P

Mmm, pi!

We celebrate pi day where I live... There really was $3.14 pi...

Ha! This is lame! But it keeps us mathematicians amused ;)

how do you sell cake?

3.14 pumpkin pi...with apologies to Bo Burnham.

You know, he should sell an entire pie for $2pi...

Or $ 2*pi*r, depending on the pie's radius r

they should make a coin worth pi , or a currency worth pi dollars. it'd drive bankers nuts.

Hey, I want 1 radian of π.

Should really be $3.14 for half a pie ($6.28 for 2pi worth of pie).

Seems to me that they should be charging $pi/8, for a slice about the size of 1/8 of a pie. Some special.

It always bothers me when people confuse a number approximately equal to 3.14159265 with pie. That number is merely pi; pie is approximately 8.53973422.

You need infinite amount of money to buy infinite amount of pies so you pay decimal amount of money

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