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Choosing a major - April 8, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Choosing a Major

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Mollweide's Formulas...named after the obscure mathematician Karl Mollweide.

i went with c

all of the above

Or D: non of the above

or double major in art and math so you can get good at drawing things in r^3.

If you picked e. and turned your monitor upside down, consider engineering.

if you picked D and your neck hurts then go see an orthopedist.

I picked Pikachu. So I guess I should have majored as a pothead. Damn!

What if neither one is upside down--you're just sitting on the wrong side of your monitor?

Then you have x-ray vision, major in superman.

"A" is not upside down, but it is reversed left for right.

Well, bmonk, I think you would be great as either a physicist or a philosopher!

Or if you pressed Ctrl+alt+down consider Computer Science

Hey! I didn't know that! Thx!

I pressed Ctrl+alt+down ... and I don't know how to undo it... :( please tell me how.


haha I did that (mentally) and I am an engineer!

I actually picked a. i thought it was a trick question.

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