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Easter Egg Hunt - April 3, 2010
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This comic is for both Saturday and Sunday. Next update will be on Monday.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it -- if you don't, then Happy Weekend instead!

Spiked Math Comic - Easter Egg Hunt

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Aww... that's wonderful =)

I first read that as his sister doing the second bit of thinking (hmm if I follow him and then rush ahead, when I see an egg close by, I could get most of them) and then he follows a wiggly path to try to throw her off, which doesn't work.

i am a heathen so i am not very well versed with this easter thing(i get what christmas is about and valentines day is just corporate brainwashing, but what is the relation of easter with eggs and thanksgiving with turkey>?

Easter Eggs came as a connection of Easter--new life--eggs, and also because eggs were one of the foods fasted from (meat, milk and cheese, eggs, among other things) during Lent, so they were boiled to help preserve them until they could be eaten again.

Turkey and thanksgiving? I'm not sure why New England (Turkey, cranberries, potatoes, pumpkins for pie) got to set the Thanksgiving menu.

They get to set the menu since they had the first thanksgiving....

The egg's a symbol of rebirth and spring, so there were egg-related things this time of the year even before the Christan faith adopted it to represent Jesus' resurrection or something similar.

Love the comic today, although a bit soppy lol. Would I do that for my sibling? Nah!

wow, that's the most touching holiday webcomic since the VGcat's Christmas comic

Is that really the shortest path? It looks like it only would be if there were three or more points which were exactly in line, making hidden nodes...

A faster path is to just go around the edges of the room anticlockwise.

aw, that's sweet...

There are 14 eggs and only 5 visible points, so yes, 9 are hiding in the straight lines :)

Something is strange though... Besides the hidden nodes at the black (boy's path), there is other thing to be considered:
On the boy's path (black path), he could find all 14 eggs. So we assume that all 14 eggs are contained in the black path.
When he decided to follow the girl's path (pink path), they also found the 14 eggs.

Since the pink path intercept the black path around 7 times (it is hard to see at the drawing), we could assume that there should be more than one egg at the same location on the black path. If you consider that the pink line touches the black once, and gets close twice (arms length??), even though there would be 10 opportunities to someone on the pink line to get the eggs that were located on the black line. That gives us 10 nodes (roughly)

But, looking at the eggs location (first drawing), there is only one place that I think that the eggs are relatively together (so could be taken at the same time): the window. It gives us 13 nodes (where this node at the window would have two eggs).

It doesn't match with the 10 nodes we found earlier... is that correct?

BTW, here we use stick small labels with the childrens' names at each egg to ensure that all will get the same quantity... what matters is the fun to go and find the eggs, and when someone find an egg without his name, he just leaves it there.. it is more fair...
It touched my heart to see the little girl crying... Luckily the boy decided by the second option (follow's the girl path)...

But I suggest you keep searching because there are probably 3 or 4 egss missing! ;)

How sweet!

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