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Cheering up friends - April 2, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Cheering up friends

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Well, the average person also has one breast, so he's below average in that respect...

actually the average person has 2.0 breasts (normal people are born with 2 breasts, just don't become fun without some estrogen ;))

you could go with ovaries or something less obvious (although testicles should be slightly less than 1 due to surgical removal)

I've always loved that joke

Ignoring the fine details, the average person has 2 ovaries, again estrogen affects development.

What kind of 'average' person are we talking here. The median person would be have 2 (due to china's one child policy and the cultural preference for boys). The mode would also be 2.

regardless of those old laws by china and the way they offset the total pool, the average still falls below 2 (even if not all the way to one), so he's still above average.

You are thinking of mathematical mean, average can be determined in multiple ways.

Hahahahaha best one ever!

I've never thought of that!

This is true only if the ratio of male to female is 1:1. But that is not the case in this world.

This would be true of the radio of male to female is 1:1 AND all men had 2 testicles - which isn't true.
The truth is that most people are above average in almost everything. Above average number of hands, eyes, legs, teeth, kidneys, ears...

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