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Guide to Annoying Your Students - March 30, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Teachers Guide to Annoying Your Students

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hahaha. one of the teachers i used to TA did every single one of these. good comic.

You mean I'm not supposed to be doing all that? Hmmmm

It's funny cause it's true ...

(yes, that's right, I made a meta joke on wulffmorgenthaler, you'll survive it)

Actually not.
I'm dying....
Not from laughter, though.
Just dying.

The last one reminds me of the story I heard of a famous mathematican. A google search claims it was John von Neumann.

One time a student went up to him after a calculus lecture. ``Professor Von Neumann," the student said, ``I don't understand how you got the answer to that last problem on the board." Von Neumann looked at the problem for a minute and said, ``e^x." The puzzled student thought he had been unclear. ``I know that's the answer, Professor Von Neumann. I just don't see how to get there." Von Neumann looked at the student for a minute, stared into space, and repeated, ``e^x ". The student started to get frustrated. ``But how did you get that answer?" Von Neumann turned to the student and said, ``Look kid, what do you want? I just did it for you two different ways".

LOL, this is so hilariously ridiculous, and I can absolutely imagine it happen.

A teacher used to drive me crazy with that chalkboard thing =(.
By the way, looks like you missed to draw the teacher's glasses in the next to last panel.

Last semester I had a professor who pulled off many of those and more, 1-4, 5-7 and 10. I don't know why they let him teach, he was just horrible and an ass.

Point 5 was so bad. Realy. Really. Bad.

Point 7, second sentence made me slightly uncomfortable.

Point 10 made me lol.

I should do a few of these today when I'm teaching.

My first ever DiffEq professor once made up a "random" 2nd order blah-blah-blah at the board, talked a bit about how unlikely to be solvable it was, then spent a few seconds staring at it before writing down a (very) convoluted solution. When asked what method he used to solve it, he looked blank for a few seconds and then announced "gamma function substitution." His solution was correct, but I thought and still think he came to the solution by means of murky, subconscious processing because I still can't make much headway by means of gamma function substitution, ever so many years later.

How the hell do you call Joe as Sarah from mistake?

you forgot 1c: pick a hot student and only talk to them the entire lecture.

The hot student thing only works in college, not in high school (or Lord help us, earlier). Even then, not a good thing to commit to print, even in jest. Warning: Don't try this in class: especially if you're a professional.

Another technique: teach the entire class looking six inches above the student's eyes. Including when pointing at a student who wants to ask a question, so the student is not sure you are looking at him or her.

LOL, the student is not sure if you are looking at him, or at her.

lol! some of these happened to me :p

I think a lot of my teachers must have been fans of this comic...

There have been scientific studies done on this topic to see what habits that teachers have are the most annoying to students. Though I'm too lazy right now to look up the journal articles.

I hate it when #2 happens.

I've had #2, but I had one also that was exceptionally picky about "artifacts" and made every effort to make sure they were all removed.

I was laughing for the whole length of it. Seriously. I started laughing at the beginning notice and I didn't finish till point 10.

Guide to Annoying your lecturers...

1. Make sure you don't get your eyes off the lecturer throughout the lesson.

2. Ask questions beyond the scope of what is taught at your level (works only with closed-minded idiotic lecturers)

3. Call your lecturer "TEACHER, TEACHER!"

4. Speak in a weird accent.

5. Laugh at everything the lecturer says, making a stupid joke out of it to give an excuse for why you are laughing.

6. Snort loudly.

7. Point at the lecturer's nose and laugh for 5 minutes.

8. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. ...

9. Plot with your friend to give contradicting feedback. e.g. "The teacher gets too loud and screams in my ear all day long! The teacher is inaudible." Lecturer, I mean.

10. Ask the stupidest questions you can think of at the end of the lesson, not allowing the others to ask questions.

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