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Guide to Acting Like a Math Geek - March 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Guide to acting like a math geek

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I decided to spend more than 5 minutes making today's comic. Enjoy ^_^

Wooha! Thats 10 days worth of comics in one day ...

Looks like you've misspelled transform in the last panel.

Right you are, thanks!
fixt :D

"You read all the way to number 10 and pretend you got every single one of those." "Naturally."

Yo make more like these, this was HILARIOUS!!!!

Awesome, very funny!

love this- 'twas hilarious ;D

Thanks, I'm going to have to use #4 in real life!

Hahahah, this is sooo good. I've definitely done #9 although I go like 7 or 8 real digits in before I start making stuff up.

Aaand #2 is now my new phrase.

Nah--a true math Geek would do 1, 2, 3--but would be too busy thinking about math for most of the others.

Once during Torah study we were talking about Genesis 22.17, and saying that the Jews aren't as numerous as the stars or as grains of sand, and I said maybe by "your descendants" they meant all of them over time, like the integral of the Jews.

been reading this comic since abstruse goose linked it and I've gotten quite a few kicks out of it so thanks.
but Your question at the bottom "What is the derivative of 2x (with respect to x)?" doesn't like my answer of f'(x) = 2(1)(x)^0 =(

right you are..but doesn't your big head annoy you more??

See, the problem is that the question expects you to simplify, and you obviously didn't do that.

If you have javascript enabled then it fills in the answer for you! It's just meant to trick bots and seems to be working (spam went from 15 per day to 2 per week).

Well, I've done number 6 but mostly to twist something weird that
happens at work (I conduct polls by phone) into something that
mocks the phenomenon.

For instance on this one survey where women 50-75 were asked "have
you _ever_ suffered from diarrhea?" I kept track of how many said
yes or no. 5 out of 7 said "no". So assuming that you couldn't
have gone 50 years without experiencing diarrhea and that nobody
was lying I interpreted this to mean that although they may have
"experienced" it they didn't "suffer" from it and stated that:

"5 out of 7 women aged 50-75 enjoy diarrhea!" :-D

Working in polling really alters your world view. ^_-

You should add one for making number puns:

25.80697580112788031518842060515 is the square root of all evil. :-D

I think your comics are getting more spiky...

since I don't use the word 'penis' in everyday life :D
neither ass nor tits

The first example for rule 7 is wrong. If you ask for a distance to a town, you usually want to know how far you'd have to drive. That's not the euclidean distance. Except you apply rule 5.

I decided to do a small research on the beer spending. In USA, 85.25 kg/person/year of beer is drank (thanks Wolfram). If you drink home some beer at $20/24 bottles, that means you spend about $208. If you go to a bar which sells their pint at $4, it goes up to $720. The pint would need to be $13.87 to spend $2500 a year.

But that's missing the point--he just wants to sound right and intelligent, and know lots of things.

emerald000 is a true geek though ^_^

I'm not sure that's a simile in 1).

11. Make webcomic about mathematics and make sure noone won't understand it, except same way damaged geeks (:

"Obviously I'm assuming the horse is spherical."

             EPIC WIN


I once had occasion to tell a classroom that I'd assumed a flamingo was spherical. It was wonderful.

Re Pi: Actually, I do have Pi memorized to nine decimal places on accident. It helped get me a wife believe it or not. She loves that I can, in her words, "recite the numerical value of Pi."

But I merely memorized it on accident long ago. I think it's because I stared at it for too long on the calculator display. And if you say that small portion (first 10 digits) with just the right tempo it has a natural meter and flow.
Furry cows moo and decompress.

actually i;ve memorized 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288 but http://pi.ytmnd.com/ sure helped :F also, the image [with three dots edited in the ending] is my desktop background. that might be why...

I don't often actually "laugh out loud" when reading comics. Today I laughed enough my wife came in to ask what's so funny.
She liked "what the factorial" and we are committed to injecting it into our conversation. If the kid (11) it can spread through the schools in no time. We'll all know you started it.

John Thompson, the co-winner of the Abel Prize in 2008 with Jacques Tits, works at the university I attend! :)

Why do you want the euclidian distance to Toronto? The earths surface isn't euclidian.

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Don't worry, guys. There's a delta for every epsilon.
(It's a fact that you can always count upon
There's a delta for every epsilon
And now and again
There's also an N [ooh, kinky!])

Great stuff you have here.
Funny how geeks are persecuted before but now they are actually cool, and that is a good thing.
They are finally receiving credit that they deserved.

This is a comic containing much of awesomeness. I shall with certainty not of thine site surcease my perusal.

This blew my mind!

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