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Plotting My Revenge - March 23, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Plotting My Revenge

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He could use gnuplot in revenge as it doesn't do mathematics.

and its free!

And you get what you pay for!


I find "R" very useful for most of my plots... do you really think its a coincidence revenge starts with r?

lawl... this is a bad one... i would tell it to people i dont want to speak to ever again...

What is that guy trying to revenge?

I don't understand...so can somebody answer?

@Supplyman: That is entirely not the point :)

"Plotting my revenge" is a common phrase meaning that he is planning to get revenge. The joke is that while he is plotting his revenge, the mathematician says he should plot (make a graph) it using matlab, a program useful for plotting graphs.

Get it now?

Thank you, Rob

i agree with supply man, i'm curious about what he want revenge one, i know it's not important to the joke, but it's still kind of a loose end

He's probably annoyed at his teacher for setting him a test on April Fools' day!

Oops! I just saw the comic for today. Well, it was a good guess...

LOL, great comic, it now has the distinction of gracing my office door along with http://www.xkcd.com/435/

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