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300 - March 4, 2010
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Another 2-minute comic:

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??? I didn't get it...

It's a reference to the film 300. Instead of 'This is SPARTA' the guy is saying something mathsy

Obviously, that computer is operating with a base of approx 3.742.

I totally had a comic like this first.

Engineering is suicide? i must strongly disagree. Engineering is more like "myeh..i got tired of mathematically proving that the system is stable. HEY! let's just implement it and see what can we blow up."

Mathematicians make shit up to prove theoretical situations. Engineers apply mathematics to test real situations. The testing part comes in because math doesn't work for everything and not everything is accounted for. We don't live in frictionless vacumes :)

Typical engineering misrepresentation; "frictionless vacuums" don't appear in mathematics, they are part of physics.

Yeah, but I think the point is that real systems are so messy that they are almost impossible to actually model with closed form mathematical equations.

Yes, but they're COMPLETELY impossible to model without them!


Mathematics deals with everything as if it were simple (or the simplest it gets). That doesn't mean it never works for real models. Sometimes messy things have a pattern that leads to a relatively simple formula, and sometimes simple things don't even have a formula. Anyway, that doesn't make engeneering great (it is great, but not because mathematicians are frictionless in the vacuum).

No way. Frictionless mathematicians in a vacuum are great!

Mathematicians (ALL OF THEM) in a vacuum is even better...

Not that engineering IS suicide, engineering just makes you want to jump off a cliff sometimes haha - the major mostly, not the occupation.

Well, as long as we're talking about other "300" themed comics anway, this was my 300th comic:


this is a great joke

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