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This is a win for math! - March 1, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - This is a win for math!

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I get 9.780.000 results for "I hate star wars" and, fortunately, only 2.970.000 for "I hate star trek" :)

Well, I also get 14.400.000 results for "I hate math"..

Really?! When I searched, math totally kicked star wars ass (well, by 2k).

I got 711.000 for "i hate math", did you guys use "" or did you just searched for i hate math?

I was using quotes and when I do the search it is at 701k (happy face). I just tried it from another computer and that one gave 713k (sad face), but then again it depends on the cluster/server.

"i hate thinking about the future"
result: 401k
ahh if only

I get 14 000 000 roughly star wars, math(s) came out as about 8 000 000

Did you include "I hate maths" in your numbers? I'm sure the British have a few thousand math haters as well.

Feel lucky because I did a google search for I hate english and came up with 44,000,000 hits. However when I did I hate math I only got about 5.8 million hits.

Nevermind, I think the author did his search all in quotes. Whenever i search the phrase I hate math with quotes i get about the same amount as it says in the picture for pretty much every entry.

The winner is "I hate you" that (including quotes) gives 5.4 M entries.

No, apparently "it" is even more despised!

I get 698K for "I hate math". :D

I'm sorry, wasn't there a caveat that results could vary?

What about "I hate marking"?

"i hate cats" - 740K, thus proving conclusively that dogs are better than cats

But does being less hated necessarily make something better?
That being said, "I hate turtles" only gets 148K, less than both cats and dogs.

You should make the more scientifically accurate
("I hate X")/X

good point!

"\"I hate %s\"" % hated

Is anyone afraid that because of this strip, we're inflating the Google search results? :)

I hate math - 640k
I hate myself - 938k

I got 6,320,000 for I hate math
I got 34,600,000 for I hate star wars

So I have no idea where you guys are from, but you are heavy censored to get so low amount of results :P

Are you using quotes?

"I hate mathematics" seems to be more precise, gets over 15 million. Also on another note, 64 million results for "I hate the internet" *lol*.

"i hate mathematics" in quotes gets 171,000 hits. Searching without quotation marks results in many, many irrelevant pages being counted.

Here's one study that I did a while back to find the everybody's favorite programming language. Take a guess before you head over to http://i46.tinypic.com/2lsbfxe.jpg

no comic today and yesterday?

ya I'm a bit behind at the moment. I'll make a couple soon ^_^

No worres Mike, the next one should be about love then.

Most of the numbers are the same for me. Strangely, "I hate my math teacher" falls in between Satan and Dogs on the graph, at 243K...hmmm...

I hate cake: 14,500,000
I hate machineguns: 175,000
I hate porn: 2,560,000
I hate Lol: 55,800,000
I hate noobs: 1,060,000
I hate math: 7,470,000
I hate MATHS: >>>13,300,000<<<

Hahaha I like the results of MG and porn

I tried it too, and my results were these:
"I hate math": 679k
"I hate star wars": 607k
But then I tried a more positive approach:
"I love math": 813k
"I love star wars": 467k
This clearly makes math the winner :)

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