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Gosh My Friends Are Geeky! - February 24, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Gosh My Friends Are Geeky!

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Yeah got to watch out of Mathcops. They police that sort of thing don't you know.

Has anybody ever done their calculus homework while loaded to the gills?

w8 is it supposed 2 b cut off at the bottom?

I used to use calculus as a litmus test for whether I'd had too much to drink. If I couldn't do a simple derivative, I'd had enough. This is a bad idea.

Another Math legalism: don't try to get on an airplane with demo-size protractor and compass, or they will get you for having instruments of Math instruction.

(I know, it's a derivative joke. I try to limit myself, but what's the differential?)

Drinking and deriving...
Drinking and Driving...
this... wins

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