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Euler vs Euclid - February 23, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Euler vs Euclid

Thanks Evan for the toga thingy!

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I wonder how Euler would have pronounced it in Switzerland?

the french names make sooooo much more sense...

Why isn't Euclid wearing a Toga?

Sssshh! Spiked Math is very sensitive about the fact that he can't draw togas!

Except the Greeks, including Euclid, didn't wear togas--they were Roman. Greeks had the chiton, a flat cloth folded into a tunic, and possibly a cloak, the chlamys or himation, for outdoors.

Well "Oiler" (lol) probably wouldn't have had a tie either... a cravat maybe

Well, obviously Euler first went to the future and stole some suits. He then wore one suit and took another one back in time to his buddy Euclid, who of course suited up.

Maybe later I will attempt at drawing a toga (a white triangle should suffice).

Still, a white or cream triangle would suffice, probably with a belt of some kind to hold it together.


Suited up... awesome!

I do like the revised one better.

Sigh. My first comment was supposed to be a response to Mike (Spiked Math), with the second as a correction. Oh well, they could be worse positioned.

at my high school, me and some friends used to joke around pronouncing euler "you-ler" and euclid as "oiclid". Some grade 9s heard as and actually that that was how it's supposed to be pronounced.. not sure if we corrected them...

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