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Test Answers - February 17, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Test Answers

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What a twist!

Oops, I meant to switch the characters, all fixed now :D

Now just figure out which one goes where...

Looks like new buttons up there above the comic--but the old ones are still here below the comments.

:D Although, I don't know if anyone actually uses those buttons below the comments, maybe I should delete them.

I use the buttons on the bottom. Also I miss the old buttons...

Ya I didn't like the new ones either. The ones now are close to the old old ones and less pixelated :P

I wonder... For how many days do you have a reserve of premade comics? There are probably days when you make more than one per day, so you probably do have a reserve. Keep up the great work! :)

Right now I have no reserve, so just going day by day :P

Extra credit F.


Question about new site title pic. Isn't: sqrt(x^2) == |x| false?

I thought...
sqrt(x^2) == (+/-)x =/= |x|

Actually the square root function is defined as positive. Of course, (x^2)^1/2 admits both signs, as you noted.

What if x is not real though? sqrt(i^2)=i=/=|i|=1
That title bar needs to be restricted to reals!:)

a variation that i like is "guess what! i just memorized all of the digits of pi, now i just have start working on the order"

Hey, new to the comments, been reading for a while, but this reminded me of one of my favorite math professors in undergrad who, when asked if our tests would be multiple choice, would reply, "Of course they are multiple choice, in fact, there are infinitely many choices." I always used to have a good laugh at that one. You teacher-types can use that on your students.

Not all tests are multi-choice, though; some of them require arithmetic. Luckily, you can hide all the answers in your slide rule (as Tom Lehrer sang.)

There used to be this one person who kept cheating off of me. One day, I decided to get every single multiple choice/matching question wrong (elementary school days), and pretended to turn it in. 100% hit rate, saw the person get a 30% the next day.

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