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Happy Valentines Day - February 13, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Happy Valentines Day

Sorry for the delay guys :-D
Here is the comic for Thursday.
And this one for Friday.

(Edit - February 14th, 2010): For all you Sage lovers:

Spiked Math Comic - Happy Valentines Day

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That's not a very sage decision....

No worries about the delay.

I was under the impression that the difference between a physicist and a mathematician was that physicists used matlab and mathematicians used maple. Was I far off the mark?

PhiJ: It depends on the field... I think in numerical studies of Diff.-Eqs. matlab is also widley used...

Mathematica doesn't even get a mention? =(

What about Scilab?

In Matlab we trust!
Matlab for President!

proof by Matlab =)

Scientists don't use MATLAB, engineers use MATLAB. Scientists use FORTRAN solvers, and wonder why anyone would ever want to use anything different...

Also, the MATLAB symbolic toolbox uses the Maple engine-- surely there's a joke in there somewhere?

Maple rules =) to my way of thinking it is much more user-friendly and has the best manual.
On the other hand, maybe I say that because it is the first math software in my life...

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