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171 - February 10, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - null

I'm not as clever as Mr Burke.

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This reminds me of this quote: "Fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts. Life itself still remains a very effective therapist." Karen Horney

This reminds me of the "I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain." line :D

"I have discovered a truly marvelous webcomic, only your browser is too small to contain it."

Where are the comics!!!

If we knew what Mike's full name was, we might be able to check if all was right with him.

You just have to whois the site.

But be patient, and don't start to worry unless he doesn't update in 48 hours or so.

I'm still around and will get back to my daily schedule as soon as I can :D

maybe he has exams or something...

He said in a earlier comic that SpikedMath might go on a week long break. I guess it did. I hope it comes back with some good comics.

This reminds me of "I have a girlfriend and now have no free time..." Just guessing.

I get it! It's The Null Set!!!

Ingenious! Very clever!!!

mrburkemath ftw!

Hahaha Nullset ftw!

maybe he's gone preparing for his gf on valentine day

seems more likely than an exam doesn't it...
maybe he'll have a comic about it ;)

he he...yeah

AHHH It's been 3 DAYS since there's been a new one!

I thought my browser had not finished loading the page, so I decided to download the image. Nice one!

Where's the picture?

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Hello my fellow math geeks. My name is Mike and I am the creator of Spiked Math Comics, a math comic dedicated to humor, educate and entertain the geek in you. Beware though, there might be some math involved :D

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