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Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality - February 9, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality

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I have read the theorem..but I dont get the strip..could somebdy explain why mr.Schwarz is angry

Because Mr. Schwartz is a different person as Mr. Schwarz

HEHE... funny!!!

And Hermann Schwarz was the one who discovered it, not Schwartz! But most people just think they are the same person...

God, think of how angry Mr. Bunyakovsky is then... :)

Haha awesome
C-S =?

( a + b)^2 = a + b + 2ab
2ab >=0,
\therefore : a+b =< (a+b)^2 ?

Probably this is also how Ludvig Lorenz feels about Hendrik Lorentz

Not to mention how many Jordan are there.

At least the Bernoullis are all from the same family...

Darn, I am rather saddened that the comic only shows the two-variable case.

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