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Meeting Girls - February 6, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Meeting Girls

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Obviously. She works at the Gap.

A random girl has as good a chance as anyone to be the one!

what does "working at the gap" mean?
I´m not a native speaker, and the onlinedictionnaries aren´t much of a help. :-/


"Gap" is the name of a common store in America. Many people see it, and the people who shop there, as being stupid and frivolous.

Thus, the joke is that the girl appears silly at first, but later shows sophistication.

GAP is also a software package for computational group theory (http://www.gap-system.org)

Whether opponent of IFRS convergence or not, the ramifications are indeed world-wide, whenever the SEC speaks.

I enjoy frequenting your blog and appreciate the content, despite not always agreeing with some things.

Is the subject of FASB standards changes something you plan on convering in detail via a toe to toe?

You sir, have made my day.

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c.innerHTML="Why did you click the button?";


My favorite number is 9 to the (4 to the (4 to the (4 to the 256th power)th power)th power)th power tetrated to (booga(fz(fuga(megafuga(gar(gargantugoogolplexplex))))) googoltenaplex-ated to itself).

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