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Bragging - February 4, 2010
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Crappy one I made a long time ago:

Spiked Math Comic - Bragging

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that sounds perfectly sensible to me...

my Erdös number is 14.
Me ==> maths teacher ==> maths professor ==> ... people ... ==> Erdös.

7 here :)

Oh yeah, my Erdös number is bigger than your Erdös number!

5 for me . . . not too shabby, given that my degree was in physics

My Erdös number is imaginary--since I've written scholarly papers only in my imagination. Probably something like 8+i, but I don't really know...

What is yours, Mike?

Seeing that the Erdös number is nondecreasing, shouldn't rather the high Erdös number be something valuable (amongst mathematicians, at least)?

Response: "Oh yeah, well what's your Erdös-Bacon number? I was an extra in Sleepers, so there..."

My Erdös number is 2!
Me -> my supervisor -> Erdös.
Did I win? :)

I am Erdös

Yes, I am not Erdös! Wait. Um...

Maybe, but at least this one is not a rip-off like the last one.

Erdös number aleph here.

Dear every other commenter:


With a double acute.

That will be all.

Some people can't make the double acute accent. I cannot find an acceptable substitute that doesn't cause UTF-8 to break.

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