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Geeky - February 3, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Geeky

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Awesome nobody can get geekier than mathematicians :)

hmm. . . why does this seem familiar. . ?

Oh! I know! http://xkcd.com/435/

Oh yeah haha

That is precisely what I thought of.

Me too!

Man, Spiked Math is so funny.
::Man, Abstruse Goose is so funny.
::::Man, XKCD is so funny.
::::::Sudo make me a sammich!

yay! sammich!

you know, i came up with a catch for sudo...you have to get his password before you can give it to him :)

Reminds me of an essay on the sequence of the sciences once: each in the sequence appeals to the prior one for its underpinnings.

The sequence was: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, Psychology, History, Literature, Philosophy, Theology.

If you put Philosophy at the end it creates a nice loop.

You would believe a rip off of something awesome, would at least be slightly awesome. This isn't.

Mathematician: Man, logicians are so geeky.

Logician : Biologists are so geeky (lol initation)

No computer scientists? :'(

Nope. You are the token sane person.

Besides, Computer Scientists are applied science, as is medicine, law, and suchlike.

Actually, the applied version is software engineering ;)

Well that would really depend on what part of CS you're working on right?

Sane? SANE?!?! Now I'm insulted.... :-P

Me too, but never mind! They just can't accept that we out-geek 'em ;)


Diethyldichlorosilane polymer!

oh, screw you guys. we could effing SIMULATE that shit!!!

(erm, granted some applied mathematics of course...)

we ALSO ridicule nonmath people for not being as nerdy as us.

Well, we uber-nerds need something to be proud of. And outliers are always an accomplishment.

"Oh man, geeks are so geeky :S"

"Throw for geekiness."

Engineers are so dumb :P


Man, fizzers are so geeky! (Engineering Physics)

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