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Sweet Talk - February 2, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Sweet Talk

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Uff hai yeh comic! :D

I've been reading your comics for awhile and I've got to say that they're great. Keep up the good work.

Guess I'll pass on any "sec c" puns for a while ... it's been on my list of "to do" for some time. Just another sin(the times).

wonder what would happen if someone actually tried it... :-/

I really din't get it the first time coz i say 'secant' instead of 'sec' :)

This is so wrong on so many levels... :)

It looks like he's actually commenting her on her looks and her brain... "You are so tan, see? Over sciency!"

What are you going to do with the integral? Huh?

lol, you saw that i conveniently skipped over that part... i got nothing...

lol gotta be on the lookout for Freudian slips while doing math homework...

The integral equals 69.

oh thanks, maybe you can teach us all calc some day?

look at the big brain on jonathan

How to solve it: integral of 2x dx is x^2, and integrating it from 10 to 13 gives: 13^2 - 10 ^2 = 169-100 = 69.

But, it's much harder to make that second statement a complement...

We have a winner in the geek language. Pretty cool! I'll use those someday(on my (purely)imaginary girlfriend).

LOL! Didn't she work at the Gap?

At two in the afternoon, talk about afternoon delight. Hahaha!

I can get the second line(thanks to bmonk)
But I can't get the first line...
Mind explaining?

damn, I fail at trig puns, I kept thinking 1/cos(c)...
at least I got the integral right away XD

tan c / sin c = sec c = sexy

sqrt(69) is ate something....

heheh.. I guessed it would be 69, before I worked it out XD A good'un

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