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Bow Down - February 1, 2010
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My brother's idea:

Spiked Math Comic - Bow Down

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hey I never realized you have a link to your own website lol :)


PHYSICS PATROL I'd prefer the full one to be d/dt (and partials d/dx, d/dy and d/dz), could make more sense that way ;[

Meh. This particular comic is highly derivative. ;-)

But it's definitely the limit!

This strip is an integral part of my day.

I am partial towards comics such as these, from which I derive much humor.

I don't really see the d/dx as being related to the partials in that way. Rather, I see d/dx as being the adorable, but ultimately prosaic/limited child where as the partials are the intellectual full-grown adults. The partials understand that in our imperfect Universe it's very rare to be able to differentiate fully. Usually, in the *real* world, we must settle for only a partial answer.
Furry cows moo and decompress.

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