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Favorite Color - January 31, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Favorite Color

Just a heads up that Spiked Math might be taking a one week break.

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I personally prefer #00FF00

Creates an ooooooo sound.

It's ironic that #C0FFEE is a light cyan color... Gross...

Aw, that's not very transparent :)

And could be shortened to #f60 in CSS, too :)

I'm quite partial to #3243F6 and #2b7e15 shame I can't accurately describe my third favourite colour, #iiiiii :p

My favorite has to be #00cc00

Gee, an off-color cartoon. Must readjust my monitor...


#1337FF is my favorite!

I'm partial to #CC99CC myself.

Man! I didn't have to look it up. I know what color that is! My new useless superpower.

Wait a minute, he's favorite color is similar to 'WolframAlpha's

#013370 is one of my favorites...

I actually say that... Mine is #0080ff

I think that my favourite is #B1000D ;D

How come nobody mentioned #B00B1E before? :D

The 'darker' orange stripes on the wall behind him are #FF6600.

"#2A52BE is a gentle breeze" doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

It's called #F60. Ever heard of "efficiency"? Gawd.


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