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Light Bulbs - January 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Light Bulbs

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would this be a case of over thinking things or under thinking them?

Does the box mean - There are four 60 watt bulbs here - ?

....I want that light bulb now....
Why, you ask? Because I've always wanted to see eyeballs sizzle.

It should have added up to 1.21 GW

But they would only be 4 x 14s if they were compact flourescents--that's only, ummm, I think it's 56 watts overall.

Only if used correctly...

Yesterday, I tried to post, and kept getting error messages, and apparently no postings. It's good to see that they "stuck", even if I couldn't see them.

I changed some code and messed it up for a bit, but it's fixed now.

That's OK--I was just worried that my deathless insights and exquisite prose would be lost in the depths of the ether for all time. Whew! OK, not really. But is was nice for a moment when it all came out right.

Depends on x, doesn't it? Perhaps these are configurable bulbs, where you can choose your own x.

"Two lightbulbs for which x=pi please."


Give the man a medal!

He needs more than a medal. Introducing: the million dollar coin that can be used to buy Space Cola

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