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Millenium Prize Problems - January 28, 2010
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In the not too distant future...

Spiked Math Comic - Millenium Prize Problems

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Did you actually solved the 'Clay problems'?

Oh wait, now I got it haha

At least the prestige is good. But, remember that old saying, oft paraphrased? "With the Clay Mathematics recognition and $1,000,000, I can get a cola..."

Sorry, but can you explain what the paraphrase means?

It's a saying--"With a PhD and a dollar, I can get a cup of coffee." "With a First Prize and five bucks, I can eat at McDonalds."--in other words, the honor/recognition doesn't really mean that much in the real world.

??? There is food at MacDonalds?

I said nothing about food there. Only that you can eat--if you have the money...

??? You can eat at MacDonalds???

as the clay mathematics prize isn't readjusted by inflation rates, $1,000,000 will soon be worthless =P

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