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MIAA - January 27, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - MIAA

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OMG, that would be so criminal.

It already happens... read: Software

I also know a Scripture Scholar who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls. He spent a couple of years as a grad student making a concordance from thousands of scraps of scroll. 40 years later, when they actually got around to publishing, and he was an eminent scholar, they offered to sell him a copy for about $400. His own work, that he had been refused access to for 40 years.

Text books are always expensive you know...

thus proving M>L where M=mathematicians ans L=lawyers
(I know this doesn't actually make mathematical sense, but don't let the lawyers find out)

I'm sure the equation X>L, where X = any other job, and L = Lawyer, is correct about 99.5%* of the time.

* Where X = Politicians, the equation is definitely false. Any others?

literary criticism high school teachers.

Suppository tester?

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