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Let's talk in functions! - January 24, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Let's talk in functions!

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best(all), 47 pwnned them for their assumption(superiority).

I'm not quite sure I get how to (this)...

u(all people) = you of all people
y(course) = why of course

You're (kind)

i still don't think 47 gets it... f of u doesn't make sense...

son(a bitch)

Perhaps they should (cut)^{chase}, get rid(subtlety) and just tell 47 they think (he's)_{par}

Win. Those nerds are !nice. =(

Aww.. 47 is trying his best :P

Diferent reading: f(u) is to be read "f" you!

I think the point is that 47 is trying but still doesn't get how to use it.

it could be taken as "f off u" instead of "f of u" or "f you"

round here we say u(all people), "you at all people."

Aww, it isn't foggy this time.

It is hilarious when it's "fogof", though!

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