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Hey You - January 22, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Hey You

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hahah and what it's like for a guitarist to watch Crossroads

Well, Ralph does all his own instrument work in that movie...

No, no it isn't played by Ralph Macchio, the whole movie guitar sections are played by Steve Vai.

Actually Vai was one of four guitarists who performed Macchio's guitar parts. Ry Cooder did most of it with Vai doing the heavy lifting in the final showdown. But also William Kanengiser and Arlen Roth did work as well as training Macchio to be able to play the guitar.

Just recently discovered your comic and LOVE it! Where have you been all my life?

Mostly hiding in a cave in the woods. I just recently re-entered the human population ever since the mother wolf died.

:) Welcome back then. Too bad about mama wolf though

Well, yes. It takes Hollywood two years to solve 1+2.

Like what it is like for a computer scientist to watch any movie that has a computer in it. Or a keyboard, for that matter.

Only exception: The Matrix - they kind of knew what they were doing.

Oh goodness yes. Some friends were watching Jurassic Park recently and I had to leave the room. Similar mentality with movies like Independence Day after you've seen something well-researched like The West Wing. Or, heck, learned much of anything about how the government works.

Yea, except that the computers in Jurassic Park were actually running real software on a real Unix distro from the time.

I really did not like the movie... he left math for a chick!! looser!

Is this the part where I mention that it probably would take two years for my class to solve those problems?

I also like the comments of the guys as they watch Flashdance in The Full Monty -- complaining that her welding technique is impossible, while the dance coach keeps saying, "No, the dance! The dance!

Or a cyclist watching Breaking Away

This is what a percussionist feels like when he watches Drumline.
Especially the part where the protagonist undergoes a panic when he is given sheet music (SPOILER WARNING: He can't read music.).

So true! That movie is so far from how it really is.

Or a physicist reading/watching Angels and Demons - antimatter could not be used to destroy a city! (Well, if you had enough of it..but we don't)

Or a knowledgeable Catholic, for that matter!

Is there such a thing? I thought the two were mutually exclusive?

So, by page count, how long did it take Bertrand Russell to prove 1+1=2?

Say 2:=succ(succ(0)) and 1:=succ(0);

+: (x,0) -> x, (x,succ(y)) -> + (succ(x),y)

2 + 1 = succ(succ(0)) + succ(0) = succ(succ(succ(0))) =: 3

Hollywood is inaccurate and ignorant about everything.

As is the rest of the world! Hollywood just gives the silly public what they want.

While the mathematics of the
Good Will Hunting Problem
isn't groundbreaking, the third part would be very challenging for most Linear Algebra grad students. Not quite 1 + 2 or 2^3.

BTW, to answer Gary's question, Russell and Whitehead proved 1+1=2 on page 362 in the second volume of their "Principia Mathematica."

First volume. I own them.

...don't judge me.

Sorry but are you not confusing the first exercise left on the blackboard for students, with a different problem which supposedly the math department took 2 years to prove (not to solve)? They are different and can you actually prove that the solution is correct?


Thank you so much for this!

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