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Heads or Tails - January 19, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Heads or Tails

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Hah - my Math Professor last semester had a strong accent too. He was hilarious (and also a good teacher). I'm hoping that one of my two math professors will have an accent too =)

Ditto, my stats professor last semester had a strong accent. I wasn't too impressed with him, P(getting an A)=.95 or more, no one really learned anything because he wanted us to get A's.

If it's Fat Tony, he cheats... he gets head and tail.

Non... Probability getting head, greater than probability getting tail (quote from a non english stats teacher), don't think he was talking coins... He was pretty cool.

I had an Asian professor for my Assembly language class in college.
Most famous phrase was probably "Shift the bits. Shift the bits. Shift the bits."

Hah, good one! I had an Asian comp sci professor who liked to use the variable "count" when iterating through an array or something... He had the tendency to leave the letter 'o' out of that word so when he said count++ it was hard not to rofl!

Since when is the P that stands for the probability function written with an extra vertical bar? Not where I come from, no sir!

P.S.: Something with a double bar is typically a set (usually with an implicit asymmetric, transitive relation like < or <=).

Oh that's just the notation some profs use. I've used both but usually stick with P.


I had a professor in quantum physics that was going to explain tunneling. He drew two potential wells and then a particle in each, making it look like a pair of breasts.

More stuff that goes wrong in physics classes:
- Badly drawn rockets
- Nodes and antinodes on sine-formed waves
- The Three Body Problem
- Rigid rods between connected particles

The Klein Four Group have a song about the Three Body Problem.

Oh, there's even a video of it, but the album version sounds better.

My physics professor introduced the right hand rule by saying "Some people get confused when they screw!"

A professor of mine told me he once took Chemistry with an Asian professor. The worst came when he tried to explain the difference between "molarity" and "molality."

Sometimes it even works in philosophy. A friend once took an intro course in Philosophy from a French-speaking philosopher--it was nearly a full semester before anyone in the class realized that "Plot" was actually "Plato"...

I once had a math professor, who was hungarian, held the lessons in (bad) english, and had a terrible russian accent.

The subset of math professors who don't have good English is exactly the same as the set of all math professors.

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