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Sex Proofs - January 14, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Sex Proofs


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Damn, my subscription ran out!

Applied mathematics.

I laughed so hard after saw the title "sex proofs".

Me thinks dis wos da worst one eva posted, but me likey ^^
I'm just kidding. My fun was going fun=comic*t+infinive

Half the fun is the buildup from X to X cubed.

Great comic, but how do you represent proof by Matlab (for those of us in engineering)

The proof by assumption and negation involves a slap!

Did anyone notice the unusual wallpaper in the first bedroom? And the trapezoidal shape of the beds? :D

I think the beds are paralellograms, but the lack of perspective is playing games with you.

is the function integral to survival? i think so :D

My dictionary of mathematics has an entry for sexual functions.

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