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Arts Major vs Math Major - January 13, 2010
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As recommended by gary and bmonk in the comments...

Spiked Math Comic - Arts Major vs Math Major

original Arts

original Math

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I originally posted this, but changed my mind.

I think you should have posted both in a "He said - She said" sort of format.

Math class is tough -- let's go shopping!

I liked both...sort of "Math Geek" vs. "Art History Major".

Gee, I can change the world...at least in little ways.

You made an epsilon improvement to mankind.

That's the limit!

Ahhh, three days of Spiked Math at once.

math majors can do modern art! they just find it pointlessly easy.

Another good reason for hiring Math majors: http://comics.com/zoom/301988/

pkuky, only if you count fractals. Which rock.

All the arts major needs is WolframAlpha.


I really want a t-shirt of this. (the math major version) We just proved Euler's identity in complex analysis today.

It's really shame that there are people in math that can't appreciate art and vice-versa. All the fragmentation into dorky groups is a bit silly.

math major: What's the area of the purple? The green? What are the dimensions of the triangle that connects the centers of those three shapes?

So... what about people who double major in math and art?

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