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Bus Stop Physicists - January 5, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Bus Stop Physicists

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It's a simple operator: Time is money, so the operator converts spare time into money. However, the process is irreversible.

So what you're saying is that the operator is non-invertible, right?

It's not true that Time directly corresponds to Money. Homeless people have all the Time in the world and no Money. When you add work to your time you get money for it.

Time + Work = Money

Also, when you have time and spend your money you can play. Therefore,
Time - Money = Play

Putting that together...
Play = Time - (Time + Work)
Play = Work

wait a minute....

I found it fun!
At the end it should be:
Play = - Work
But Play>=0 and Work>=0. So they both must be 0, unless you are playing with your imaginary friend?

Play = - Work
it can mean that how many time we use to work, how many time we lose to play; how many time we use to play, how many time we lose to work.
it also shows that we must balance our work and play...

Actually, it's Money=work*time. Because if you work really hard for 20 minutes, you'll get little money, and if you don't work very hard over a long time, you don't get very much money either.

Evan--remember that it's non-invertible (thanks, Qlexander, for the vocab) which makes the math manipulations rather iffy. Maybe your "proof" is that you can play as much as you work?

Well my post was in part just jest, and in part a rather sardonic indication that playing with those terms as vague, non-measured, non-correlative ideas in math equations is kinda iffy to begin with :-p

I just thought it was funny that it worked out like that!

I actually thought it was pretty good...but it's more fun to push it as far as possible and see how hard it screams.

Mike, are you saying that all logical people have to have an imaginary friend if they are to either have fun or get anything done in life?

Well one can only imagine...

attn bmonk: That's getting too complex.

Hey, life is complex. Therefore, we all have an imaginary part of life--or at least the large majority of us do. But we also need a real part of life (or again, most of us do). QED.

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