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Perfect - December 30, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Perfect

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If 6 won't go for him, maybe 28 or 496 will. They're just as perfect.

And by the time he meets those future perfects, he will have forgotten all about the past perfects who had rejected him.

(I'm also a bit of a language geek.)

heh poor 0 no one like him

Even if 28 wants him, 6 will always be the first perfect.

But one is the loneliest number...

dont you wory
you'll get a girl almost 5 times perfect and 2 less addement

One used to be the lonliest number.

Why doesn't anybody like 0? He *is* the biggest number (for the relation .|. )

Maybe nobody likes him because he doesn't add up to anything.

Either that or he is just a chubby guy in an imperfect world.

Maybe she'll mary 28 or 496 but trust me, the dirty things will be done with the 9...

Perfect ones aren't that abundant for a reason.

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