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No Calculators - December 26, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - No Calculators

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Can't get it :|

He wrote in the blackboard with calculator font. I guess this might be a joke about when students turn in things the computer / internet clearly generated....only taken to the extreme.

I had a "no calculator" test last year on scientific notation. No point in doing the test if calcs are used. A couple students gave their answers in "E" notation. Hmmmmmm......

So... a screen capture of WolframAlpha is right out?

*sigh* The joke is: a Calculator is "one who calculates"

I disagree, AJ . . . clearly the joke is that he copied it from a calculator, right down to the font. Pretty funny.

Yeah, I always get hand-drawn graphs with boxes drawn around them... they look quite suspiciously exactly like the ones from the back of the book! Also, I frequently only get the odds...

Hehe... :)

haha reminds me of a non-calculator test I had a while ago, and me using E notation for the questions :|

Get your brain out of here!

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