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Christmas Puns - December 25, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Christmas Puns

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Ho³ = HOOO. Shouldn't it be (HO)³?

(HO)^3 = H^3.O^3 = HHHOOO

commutative =P

only thing I don't get is the log(pi*rho)...

log-pi-rho = log-pyro maby? :)

@ fm: log refers to the actual wooden log, and Pi Rho is a pay on words; if you say it out loud, it will sound like pyro, which means fire (comes from Greek pyr).

thx! once again I was thinking much too complex ;)

@ Amit: commutativity ? ;)

kick ass!

What's on the ribbon?

Nobody mentioned the bell curves hung on the tree graph, and the star graph on the top...

@ Bekki:
I think its a knot, but I'm not 100% certain.

@Bekki: I think it's a RING of congruence class mod 3.

Hooo boy. Merry Christmas everyone!

The wreath has the wreath product of the integers, Z, with the integers mod 3 on it.

Gotta love pi-rho. I've been meaning to do a pi-rho joke since I did "The Architects" (see link above) almost a year ago. I haven't gotten around to it. Hmmm, I'm off this week ... mebbe.

Well... you know the pi-rho's made the pyramids...

Bekki: It's an algebraic construction called the "Wreath product".

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